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I think we should be able to change our visible name
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Re: names

Welcome to Runboard, kylelyk.

The reason we can't change our visible name is pretty similar to the reason we can't delete our user accounts (see here for that explanation). It would be too easy for people to impersonate someone else, so the only way to change your name is to create a new account with a name that doesn't already exist.

If you have more feature requests for Runboard, you should check the existing requests at Runboard Support, then add your request if it isn't already listed. If it is already listed, feel free to post a reply in that thread to voice your support of the idea, so we can gauge how popular it is.

Runboard Extra is a place to find and share tips and tricks for customizing boards, and the person who decides which features to add doesn't look here for feature requests.


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