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Registered: 07-2005
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Runboard Theme Search

The Search For Five New Themes
Thor is wanting to add five new themes to Runboard and we have 44 user made skins approved for Runboard Support. We are asking for your help in choosing which 5 skins should become Runboard themes by voting for your 5 favorites in each of four different polls.

The four polls will run until the end of July and then we will have a finals round with the top twenty skins. The finals poll will run from July 31, 2011 through August 7, 2011 to decide which 5 user made skins will be elevated to theme status.

Theme Poll Index
The following four polls will run until July 31, 2011. You may choose up to 5 skins in each poll. Please click on the link to go to a poll and vote, vote, vote...

Theme Search Poll #1
Theme Search Poll #2
Theme Search Poll #3
Theme Search Poll #4


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