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Back to top link in posts - by Josh

This is on a lot of differently hosted messageboards.. and well I've always wanted for runboard to have one.. So I found this little work around..

Go to your Board management Control Panel>> Customize Language Set

Find where in says post_list_global_user

And remove the code that is already in that text box and replace it with:
&nbsp;(<a href="#">Top of the page</a>)

Then scroll down to find:

and replace the code inside it's text box with:
<br>&nbsp;<a href="/support/user_premium_membership">Premium</a>

Of course you can remove the '( )' in the code I just added them to my board.. and replace 'Top of the page ' with whatever text you would like.

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9/1/2006, 6:37 am Link to post PM The Mooseman

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