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Fixed Background

On most boards, when you scroll down the page, the background moves with you. However, sometimes, the effect is better (well, different, anyway) if the background remains fixed.

This is the way Alpha explains it:

Goto Control Panel > Board management > Edit colors and theme and under the "Miscellaneous options" section adjust settings as follows:

- Background color: leave blank

- Background image (optional): leave blank

- Background image tile X: NOT checked

- Background image tile Y: NOT checked

Now, add this code to your custom CSS section:

body{background: #000000 url(URL of BACKGROUND IMAGE) repeat-x fixed;}

(the colour value (#000000) may be changed to suit your board's colouring).

And, courtesy of The Mooseman:

The other option is to actually add an image URL in
Background image (optional):
Check tile x and tile y

Then just add this in your CSS :

body {
background-attachment: fixed;}

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